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WTOIP is a leading?Technovation Platform?for IP and Corporate Services based in China.

Since our first establishment in 2008, WTOIP has gained extensive IP practicing experiences by helping numerous clients with IP prosecution. Accredited by CNIPA, WTOIP is the first trademark agency in China to have direct official submission facility for trademark registration.

China Trademark EasyReg is dedicated to providing handy, efficient and cost-competitive trademark registration services to global clients, who can submit pre-examined application to the authority directly from our system.



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With your stunning technology originated from overseas, you may seek to scale your business in China, the land with fertile soil for technology and innovation accompanied with supporting incentives and abundant resources.Join China Business Starter Pack, and you will get access to the one-stop professional services for your smart decision and move.

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Featured Technology

Novus: Novel Nanotechnology and X-ray Diagnostic Software System for Various Bone Surgeries

Traditionally, injectable bone filler are highly viscous because of the thick nature of their major component, PMMA. As such, injection of such substances requires the use of wider needle gauges that leaves significant surgical traces and lengthens the healing time of patients, restricting their use clinically. The competitive advantages of our biocompatible bone filler includes | Ultra-low viscosity and adjustable | The inner diameter of the syringe is only 0.36 mm, and the competitive product is 1.6-4.6 mm | Flexibility of operation procedures


Hong Kong, China

Nanopac: Self-sustaining Toilet System Based on Solar Energy and Electrochemistry

Easy and cheaper to manufacture | Patent protection in place | Wastewater treatment takes 1 to 4 hours, very quick | Stand-alone systems whereby no water or power supply is required | Modular design, efficient integration, various application can be done

Energy Saving & Environmental Protection


Oaklabs: Drug Development Platform Based on AI & Multiple Molecular Biomarkers

Using multiple molecule markers instead of single molecule biomarkers | Using AI & Machine Learning algorithm can thoroughly scan the subspace of the most important biomarker to minimize the risk of overfitting and maintain high reproducibility and validation | High accuracy. Compared with traditional single molecule (65%~80%), OakLab’s accuracy is more than 90%



What They Say About WTOIP

Martina Schad

Co-Founder & CEO, Oaklabs

“WTOIP was doing a great job on IP services like protecting our ‘Oaklabs’ brand and matchmaking services to have connection with Chinese enterprises and industrial park. I’m totally convinced that WTOIP would be the first place and first step to go for entering the China market.”

Victoria Han

Founder & CEO, Victoria Productions

“Services offered by WTOIP really work for us, for instance, technology showcase via WTOIP’s online and offline platform and their help on recommending us to potential partners, enables us to meet a large strategic partner in China, with whom we have already entered into a cooperation.”

Mark Thielenhaus

Founder & Shareholder, Femto Fiber Tec

“For us, China is a huge market. We plan to set up a production site in China. WTOIP hosted a number of matchmaking in different cities (which) was very helpful for us to evaluate industrial zones and meet business partners to build connection.”

Chelsea Chee

Founder, Maeko

“First of all, I would like to recommend WTOIP to everyone around me because we have got very quality matchmaking here in China, and met different organizations that are able to collaborate with. Another thing is that we are very safe and protected by WTOIP, especially the IP that we have for our technology.”


Trilateral Cooperation Signed for Regional Tech Advancement & Synergy

Internationall (Kunming) Science and Technology Cooperation Conference was taking place on Sep. 3, co-organized by Yunnan Provincial and Kunming Municipal governments, International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN), WTOIP, BRICS Technology Transfer Cent

September 4, 2019

Source: WTOIP

IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Hong Kong Chapter Officially Unveiled

IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Hong Kong Chapter is in full swing!

September 3, 2019

Source: WTOIP

InGen – Significant Cross-Border Cooperation Achieved

Aido is a household service robot developed by InGen Dynamics Inc from the US, a IPIEC GLOBA 2018 Top 30 project.

August 22, 2019